Saturday, October 20, 2007

fat feet

I realized I haven't exactly highlighted my low light of pregnancy so far.
That would be swollen feet. Or the proper term: Edema. Boo to edema I say.
Over the past couple weeks my feet have swelled to gargantuan proportions. Even when I sleep at night they still are swollen in the morning - not nearly as much as at the end of a day, but still...swollen. Jamie and I call them "hobbit's feet". It's true. Well, minus the hair.
So far, that's been the worst pregnancy symptom I've experienced so I'm definitely counting my blessings.
Still, though, being on my first week of maternity leave and having all these things I want to do and get done it's hard when my feet are the size of small islands and I know I should be resting and putting them up. The only shoes I can wear right now are my crocs.
Oh well.
And I can't believe I'm doing this, but I guess for posterity's sake, here is a picture of them last week.


  1. Whoooa. I'd take the fat feet over upchucking every morning. My mom threw up everything that ever went into her system, water included when she was prego with me.

  2. You're so funny and I feel so sorry about your feeties! Keep up with the humour!


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