Wednesday, October 24, 2007

home birth land

I got the call today - or rather I made the call.
My iron is officially at 110! So I'm in home birth land now - hooray!
However for having "normal" levels of iron I am feeling absolutely EXHAUSTED today so I took a nap and am opting out of going to the event on campus tonight.
It'll be good to relax and get some rest.
Tomorrow I go into the midwifery clinic for a stretch and sweep so hopefully that will give me a kick start into labour!
It's a waiting game...


  1. yeah! that's great news! so happy you get to have the kind of birth you were hoping for. praying for you!


  2. Hip hip hooray!! I'm so glad you'll be able to follow through on your dream! I need to remind you of something you said after seeing the mess of Keven's birth: I'm never going to have babies!! haha...good for you! keep the blessed event going - I think I am of the only generation that skipped home births!!


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