Tuesday, October 16, 2007

"The Waiting Room"

So I need to rant about going to the doctor's office. I hate it.
I don't hate the doctor or the check up or even routine "icky" things - they're professionals, I just let them do what they need to do.
What I DO hate is waiting. Today for an appointment that took all of 6 minutes I waited for 55 minutes!!! FIFTY FIVE MINUTES PEOPLE. And apparently...this was her 2nd time slot of the day. What is she doing that she is late for her second appointment by 45 minutes? And the thing that really bugs me is that it's just a given that you should have to wait for this long. No apologies are given for making you wait for an extra 45 minutes. The doctor (as wonderful as she is) just waltzes in, does her thing and waltzes back out. If all her appointments were as short as mine then why is she so late?
I was reminded of Jerry Seinfeld's stand up routine about "The Waiting Room" from his "I'm telling you for the last time" show.
So I found it on You Tube and here it is (it's the first 2 minutes).


  1. I FULLY AGREE!!!!!!

    Sometimes, when I go see my doctor, I make sure to book the VERY first slot of the day....

    and STILL end up waiting for at least 30-45 minutes!!!!!

    I SWEAR she must like quintuple book or something.

  2. 55 minutes? that's all?! I've waited 2 hours or more sometimes. You got lucky.

    Yes, It's annoying, I know.


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