Monday, October 8, 2007

my to do list

Today I rearranged the baby's room and tidied. I put the stroller in the front closet, took the padding off the car seat so I can wash it, put the growth chart giraffe guy up on the wall and put away all the newly washed clothes and blankets. Here are some things I realized I need:
  • hangers - can you buy smaller ones for kid/baby clothes?
  • the "J" dresser (ahem) sanded and primed to put extra clothes, diapers, blankets, etc. in which will probably stay in the closet
  • the proper sized brackets for the Ikea shelf I bought
  • a small valance rod for the window
  • blinds/curtains for the window
  • a glider chair :)
  • a toy box or hamper or net or some place to put toys
  • a night stand and lamp to put beside the glider chair for late night feedings (this is probably more of a "want" than a need)
So that's why I am in no hurry to have this baby ahead of time. I will need all the minutes, hours and days I can get. The window treatments are probably the most important to get up. I'll also need to put up the shelf, find another screw to finish putting on the light switch cover and put up the adorable Zanzibar hooks on the wall.

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  1. That's a great to do list because it is exciting to be working on things like that!! The "J" dresser is sanded so let John know what colour you would like and I'm sure he will complete it for you and that will complete one more item on your list!!


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