Thursday, October 11, 2007

the iron saga and other points of potential interest

Well the iron saga continues.
My iron results came back and I'm only up to 103. I was at 101 before I started taking the iron supplements so that was disappointing that it only boosted it by two. But now we figured out why. The iron supplements I was taking wasn't nearly enough so I'm frustrated that the salesperson gave me what he did instead of what I was supposed to be taking.
So now I'm on PalaFer (1 1/2 tsp a day) and Nutri-Chem Ferrotrate (2 pills a day). Hopefully this will boost my iron by the time this baby decides to show up or else I'm having a baby in the hospital.
I'm not stressed or worried, more disappointed and frustrated that I wasted two weeks taking iron supplements that barely affected my iron levels.
So that's that.
But on a positive note, I am GBS negative which means that when I go into labour - whether at home or at hospital - I don't have to get the antibiotics administered via IV. I was extremely pleased and relieved to find that out.
And tomorrow is my last day on campus before I go on maternity leave. I am both sad and excited and also hoping that this baby gives me a few days to get some work around this house done. There is still a bit of unpacking to do as well as organizing files and figuring out where things are and whatnot. It's livable...but ideally I'd like to have blinds up in the baby's room and curtains up in the living room, etc.
Other things to note:
My hips definitely feel looser. Sometimes I feel "uneven" when I walk and think that this is perhaps "the waddle"?
I am getting more and more excited to hold this little one in my arms, take tons of pictures of him and be a proud Mama. I look at pictures of my friend's child that she and her husband just adopted and am so excited to be able to join in the joy and excitement (and probably the lack of sleep and frustration at times) of raising a little human being.
I also can't imagine doing this on my own. One thing that is pretty much as exciting as looking forward to being a mom is going to be watching Jamie as a dad. I know he is going to be so good at it and such a natural. When other people's kids LOVE you, how can your own child not?

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