Wednesday, October 3, 2007


This may be a long post but there's a bunch to say right now.
We had our home visit from our midwives. Except only R, our intern showed up. No midwife. I really like R so that was okay. She said that C was sick at home today and that S was going to going a little bit late.
So that was fine. We went over lots of things like who will be at the labour, where we hope to labour/give birth (bedroom, bathroom, spare room, etc.) and her recommendations and thoughts concerning post delivery and who will be coming to visit/help and when. These are all things I've been thinking about a LOT and so we talked through some of the things I wasn't sure about (where I want to deliver, who will come to visit and when) and I let her know about the things we've already decided upon (who will be at the labour). So that was good.
I'm measuring the same as I did last week so that's fine, she said.
She took blood to check my iron levels again. Apparently if my iron levels do not get to 110 before I go into labour I am not allowed to do a home birth. I didn't know this! At least it wasn't made clear to me! So...I hope that my iron levels have gotten bumped up with the supplements I've been taking.
I also did a GBS swab test to check if I have a bacteria that is not harmful to adults and a high percentage of women have it at any given time anyway. However it can be harmful in a small percentage of babies (the bacteria is located in the nether regions and is passed on to baby during delivery) and can cause infant death in a very tiny percent of births. So if I do test positive I will have to go to the hospital and get a first dose of antibiotics during labour. The doses after that can be administered at home, but that initial dose occurs at the hospital. Which is annoying since I've planned for a home birth. So I'm hoping I test negative for that to avoid all of that. The test was optional, but I guess I figured it was better to know - at least for my first.
Then I met S when she showed up. She is nice and thorough so that was good. But then she explained to Jamie and I that one of our midwives (M) is on sick leave and the other midwife (C) is going on holidays (not sure for how long - hopefully only 1 or 2 weeks) and so as of right now I have no midwife. So the other midwives are taking over and juggling M & C's patients and if I go into labour before C gets back from holidays I will have midwives I've never really dealt with.
So I'm pretty disappointed about that since I've spent the last 7 months getting to know M & C. At least R (the intern) will be there. And the other midwives are nice, but I don't know them. I do trust them ... but it's just disappointing if that happens that if C isn't back (or unavailable) from holidays when I go into labour I will end up with our back up midwives (which could have happened anyway I suppose) or someone I don't even know?
Oh well. I guess it's for the best...just not what I anticipated.
So that was the home visit.
Ummm....oh yes.
We've registered for a Baby Bjorn carrier at Babies R Us, but it's quite pricey ($199) and I don't anticipate that anyone will get it for us. So I decided to check out ebay to see what's on there and there are a TON of brand new Baby Bjorn's (just like the one I've registered for) that are like $90! So I'm pretty pumped and will probably buy one off of ebay if we don't get one.
So that's exciting.
I also found this website that carries clothing with funny sayings on them. There are a bunch of "onesies" with hilarious sayings like:
Boob man
and my current favourite: I'm kind of a big deal.
So funny.
I'm not sure if I'd fork out the $13-20 per onesie for them, but they certainly are fun to look at.
So yeah. I just spent the evening chatting on the phone with my lovely cousin and then surfing the internet looking at baby stuff, checking facebook and just chillin'.
So that's my update for now.

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