Monday, October 8, 2007

dreams & the subconscious

Over the past 9 months when I've dreamed, I've only been pregnant once in my dreams. Is this weird? I told someone that and they said that's probably because my view of myself in my subconscious is not as a pregnant person, but just...a person.
I think that's healthy. I'm not defined by my current state as a pregnant person (and one day as a Mom) - or at least, that's not the be all, end all of who I am. There are other facets to who Vanessa Strickland is and at least in my subconscious I am aware of that.
But I like dreaming. When I think back to those first few months of being pregnant and the vivid and strange dreams I had and how well I remember them I am sad that they didn't continue.
Oh well. I guess I'll have to wait until the next child comes along or I travel somewhere (I usually remember my dreams when I'm somewhere different) or whatever. :)

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  1. i was reading my blog entries from this summer and was reminded of my own weird dream about your pregnancy...toooo funny.

    also, i was talking about you yesterday, & i really miss you.


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