Friday, July 10, 2009


So, much to update on...
I had my appointment with Dr. Ben and he gave me the prescription for both the first dose of antibiotics (the one they want you to come to the hospital for) and the subsequent doses.
At first it seemed as though he wouldn't, but I explained to him that my first home birth was quick and straightforward and that I was concerned that if I had to go to the hospital for my first dose that I wouldn't make it back home for a home birth.
He seemed to understand and quickly wrote the prescription.
I wasn't going to have wasted that hour sitting in his waiting room to NOT get the prescription!
So hooray!
The home visit with the midwives went well. They gave me a few suggestions for what they'd like to see in the bedroom (ie. lower table to set up things/place to measure, look at baby, etc.) and we talked a lot about GBS and what it would mean for me to NOT have the antibiotics, etc.
I also had an appointment at the midwifery office yesterday and was a tool and showed up 1/2 hour early. Oh well. I showed them the prescription and asked how much it usually cost and ended up getting the meds for free since they had extra from previous patients (am I allowed to blog about that?) that went unused!
I had measured 39 weeks when I was at 37 weeks but last week the growth had slowed down to 39.5. My weight is also the same as it was 2 weeks ago.
I keep forgetting to ask if they have a guess on this baby's weight or not...last time they said (earlier on in the pregnancy) that I was looking to probably have a 7 or 8lber. Noah was almost 9lbs and I'm hoping for smaller this time around, but we'll see.
I have all my home birth stuff ready in a basket in our room, a deep freeze that is slowly getting filled with food for after the baby comes, and a house that is slowly getting some final touches.
I'd still like to make the hospital/nursing gown and have bought the material, so all I need is to hunker down and do it!
Hmmm....what else?
I guess now it's just a waiting game. Sometimes I think I might go any day now, but other times I just feel like I'll be here probably until my due date. So who knows?

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