Monday, July 27, 2009

3 days overdue.
Annoying, but I'm mostly over it. I'm resigned to the fact that I will indeed be pregnant for forever.
Today we decided to "risk" it and go to Burlington to visit with Jamie's Mom and Nana. We went out for lunch at the Mandarin and I had the greasiest Chinese food I could (apparently that's supposed to help start labour) and then we visited Burlington's Fire Station (Noah has now been to Waterloo, Guelph and Burlington fire stations). After that we thought we'd take a trip to the Burlington mall, which is actually quite a nice mall (they just got a XXI store and are getting a Bath and Body Works soon - all the stores are really nice too) but by the end of it I was exhausted.
Noah was treated to a Hot Wheels Fire Truck from Nana and a kiddie pool from Great Nana and then he napped all the way home.
I haven't felt a twinge or anything out of the ordinary. Not even the usual cramping/stomach tightening I've been having since at least Wednesday.
Noah was 4 days overdue. If I go past 4 days I think I might be quite frustrated. I DON'T want an August baby (not that there's anything wrong with August babies...).
I feel like I'm having a grown up temper tantrum. Sorta.
I waver between being totally blase about still being pregnant and then completely grumpy and impatient.
Every night we go to bed thinking, "Tonight could be the night!" and every morning we wake up with me still pregnant and no baby or imminent labour.
Right now I'm washing the sweet little outfits my Mom bought for the baby and we'll get around to eating dinner soon enough I reckon.
Le Sigh.
Tomorrow I have a midwife appointment at noon which I hope not to make it to. But likely I will be there - still pregnant.

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  1. Nice diversion, even if it only works for a few hours!
    Imagine this: you're 17 days overdue and you are stuck in an aptmt and nowhere to walk, no money to spend and all your prepared meals for AFTER the birth are eaten!!
    That's ME with YOU!!
    so what's a week eh? I really do feel your pain...I mean no one else!
    love you!


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