Wednesday, July 29, 2009


This may be gross, but it's my blog so don't read it if you don't like it.
(On an entirely different note, I'm such a grouch today...)
Anyway, so I've been losing mucous all day long. Dark and blood tinged...I never had this with Noah. It's a good sign I know, but I'd just like my water to break already and things to be underway. Or to start getting whammo blammo contractions. I know I'll regret wishing for pain when it's actually upon me, but right now ANYTHING seems better than waiting.
Plus Noah has totally been acting up - likely in response to my bad mood I'm sure. But either way, it's not helping anything.
Poor Jamie is just trying not to rock the boat while at the same time wishing this baby here as well!
Tomorrow is another S&S so hopefully if I don't go into labour tonight, that tomorrow something will happen.

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  1. oh friend, i want to hug thee!

    word verification: encloger.
    it sounds like something that could be used on you to get the baby out! :)


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