Tuesday, July 21, 2009


No baby yet.
I'm pretty grumpy about it too.
I never even felt remotely close to this annoyed at still being pregnant when I was pregnant with Noah, but I think I was busy, it was mid-semester on campus, we were doing an outreach and I was enjoying my last days as a childless married woman. This time though, I'm a Mom, sick of waiting and a teeny bit concerned this baby is going to just plop right out of me regardless of where I am in seconds flat. That and the fact that I was convinced this baby would come by now. But I guess it still is before my due date and...stuff could still happen. Any day! Any hour! Any minute! I'm just tired of waiting.
Tomorrow I have a midwife appointment and Heather suggested last time that I get a stretch and sweep and I was unsure at the time. I feel a bit torn, though, because part of me thinks that Noah came only 4 days past my due date on his own terms with no stretch and sweep. But part of me is just plain tired of waiting and wondering when, when, when?!!
So...I think we'll talk it out tomorrow and see what happens.

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  1. Please put your conversation with your tummy on video.


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