Monday, July 20, 2009

a waiting game

Well, it's 4 days before my due date and no baby. There was a time when I was convinced this baby was going to come so early. And then I changed my thinking to that he would come sometimes during the week before my due date. Which would be now. So I guess it's not like I'm late or anything, but I think I anticipated so much that now I'm feeling like he should be here already or something!
Being pregnant is okay, I'm just plain sick of the "waiting" game. I think because I feel like I can't really go too far from home what with Noah's birth only lasting 4.5 hrs and this one expected to be that or shorter!
Actually...I'd love to not be pregnant anymore. And sleep on my stomach. :)
Also, my wonderful friends Mel and Uche had their baby boy last night. I'm so thrilled for them - but we were due within days of each other and now I'm trying to tell this baby that it's HIS turn to show up! :)
I guess it's all in good time and it's cool to know that God already has set his birthday and KNOWS the day that our beautiful little boy will be born. I only hope it's today. :)

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  1. Oh how well I know this feeling! but try to enjoy this day, and each day as a special day to enjoy with Jamie and Noah, with the added bonus of anticipation! Amazing that God knows our first breath as well as our last one! love you so much!


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