Monday, July 13, 2009

a week and a half to go!!!

Well, it was a busy but really good weekend. Shereen and I got some baking/cooking/cleaning done and my deep freeze is nice and full of delicious foods for after the baby comes. :)
I did think to myself last night "Please don't come tonight, baby. I'm too tired!" and then I dreamt that I had the baby overnight (didn't dream about labour/birth) and we (even Noah!) were holding the baby in the morning and resting and then people were going to come over and visit but we were worried that people would come too soon and we wouldn't be ready (ie. things cleaned up from the birth, etc.).
Then I woke up and breathed a sigh of relief that I made it through the night without going into labour. :)
Oh and then I realized that my throat was sore and then I got mad that I caught the cold that Noah and Jamie have had. Oh well...I guess it was only a matter of time.
A week and a half to go until my due date! So hard to believe, but at one point I didn't think I'd make it this long - I totally thought baby was going to come early. I'm definitely glad he still stuck it out inside me for this long...for sure!
I also got some handmedowns this morning from my friend Jen and have plenty of onesies and sleepers now for the first few months. Phew!
I'm sad, though, because I've definitely misplaced two of my favourite onesies: the one that Erin gave to us for Noah and it was teeny tiny and blue and had a Toronto Maple Leaf on the front and another one that Shereen gave us for Noah that was camo patterened and says: You Can't See Me on it. :( I liked both of those.
I did find my "Got Milk?" onesies, though!
Okay, time to lay down for the last part of Noah's nap!

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  1. Wow, that's exhausting!! dreaming all that must take it out of you!

    Make sure you save those freezer meals for yourselves when no one is around... they're meant for you to avoid working for a few weeks! Those of us that visit can cook/buy fresh for our visits!!

    Hope you find those MIA onsies!


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