Sunday, July 5, 2009


Every time I look at my ticker I am amazed.
18 days!?!?!
This time I started to get nervous.
Nervous about labour.
Nervous about being ready.
Nervous about how our little family is going to change completely.
Nervous about whether I'll make it to things like: my dr's appt on Wednesday, friends coming over on Wednesday, a BBQ on Sunday, weddings, etc.

If only I KNEW when this baby was coming...that might help a bit.
But I'd still be slightly nervous about the labour.


  1. considering how short it was with Noah, do you think this one will be even shorter?

  2. Generally that's what happens.
    So I'm thinking shorter, but if it's longer I'm trying not to BANK on it being shorter so I don't get my hopes up.
    I mean, I don't want it TOO short...but yeah...

  3. ya i wanna get there in time ;) cross your legs girl hahaha


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