Thursday, July 2, 2009

full term tomorrow!

Wow. I just looked at my ticker. Less than 21 days 'til my due date. That's crazy. Where has the time gone?
I wanted to blog about breastfeeding and some other issues, but I'm just so tired. I think I need to go to bed.
Tomorrow I'll be full-term! 37 weeks. Wow. It's funny because when I was pregnant with Noah I had no qualms about traveling and leaving town for the weekend or whatever when I was 37 weeks. I just KNEW I wouldn't go early. I just had a feeling. And I was right.
But this time around, I'm not so sure. I'm thinking that baby will come sometime the week before I'm due, but I'm hoping for a teeny bit earlier than that - around the 14th so that my friend Jen will still be around before she leaves for BC for a few weeks.
But who knows? Maybe I'll be sitting around on my due date with no sign of impending labour.
Ya just never know with these sorts of things I guess.
We got a bassinet from our friends (to borrow) and I'm excited to set it up. We pretty much haven't gotten anything for this baby - other than diapers so far - so even just setting up his bed for the first few months is kinda fun. I also really enjoyed pulling out all the onesies and little outfits again. So small and sweet.
Well, I may take a look at this bassinet before I go to sleep tonight. We'll see.
Tomorrow is the home visit with the midwives and I'm looking forward to that and getting all my questions answered! Or at least...have a better idea of what's happening.

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  1. I'm still my nrsg training full term was 40 wks (plus or minus 2 wks)!!

    So where does 37 come in?...we'll talk! I should have been so lucky!


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