Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I'm a grump.
I was never like this when I was pregnant with Noah.
But I am a grump.
I want this baby to come, and I want him to come NOW. Well, I would like LABOUR to start now. Wouldn't that be ironic if it did as I was typing this?
Anyway, so today I was absolutely exhausted and took a nap in the morning and a nap in the afternoon - well, I lay down and dozed in the afternoon for a bit. It makes me wonder if I just didn't sleep well, or if my body is getting ready for labour. At this point, I'd read into anything as a sign that labour is coming...
It's pretty much all I can think about. There really isn't much else going on in my life, nothing to distract me or keep me busy. It's just all about waiting for this baby to come and that is making me one bored, antsy and grumpy pregnant woman.
I know, I know, I'm not even at my due date yet...but still! I might as well be - it's only 3 days away!
Factors that contribute to my extreme grumpiness:
1. I feel less able to travel around and do things because of the quick labour I had with Noah, I fear that I will have even less time to get to where I need to be should I be in Toronto, etc. So I feel trapped.
2. Everybody (well, my good friends in Guelph) has gone away to staff training in BC. So people are doing things, seeing other people and I'm not. Phooey.
3. It's the middle of summer, nothing is going on (like with Noah we were in the middle of a campaign on campus and there was lots to keep all of us occupied) and so it's making the waiting even MORE of a big deal and every day he DOESN'T show up is another uneventful day.
4. I don't fear the transition to being a Mom. I am a Mom already. Life will be busy, but not too much different. Bring it on.

So there you have it, folks...I'm a grump.

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  1. Yeah! You're grumpy today too! Well for different reasons. I'd feel grumpy too if something just wouldn't come out of me! ahah jk

    Want me to come visit you sometime and bring something sweet?


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