Friday, July 24, 2009

what's a girl gotta do?

It's due date day. Actually it's almost over. 11:04pm. And still no baby.
I went for a mother-long walk - 4.5 km - with Noah this morning and tried to visualize my waters breaking or major cramping coming on but nothing.
Le Sigh.
Anyway, I suppose it could happen tonight and even though I WANT it to happen that way, I doubt it will. But for goodness sakes - what more needs to happen?
An interesting thing to note:
At my midwife appointment on Wednesday, the intern Kristi said that "they" (medical professionals I assume) still don't know what makes labour start (naturally I'm assuming as there are many hormonal inductions, etc.). Whether it's the baby that sends a message, or releases some sort of hormone or whether it's the mother's body or what...
I found this fascinating.
And so cool.
The mystery of the human body, pregnancy and birth. Very interesting.
Anyway, so...Jamie and I just watched 3 episodes of season 7 of 90210, ate some chips and dip and I suppose I should get to sleep now...but not before I take my WEEK 40 pregnancy picture.
Come on baby!

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