Thursday, July 23, 2009

update *note, slightly graphic

Yesterday was my midwife appointment.
We did the usual. I got weighed (I've gained 24lbs this pregnancy), tested my urine (all good - no extra protein or sugars) and then briefly chatted.
I didn't really have any questions except, "Can I get a stretch and sweep today?"
So I talked about it with Kristi, the intern and she went and got Heather (my midwife) and they said, sure! Let's go for it!
So I lay down, they felt the baby's position - he's head down, but not fully engaged (dropped) yet and I'm measuring at about 41cm.
Then we discussed what they would be doing (I won't go into that here) and how they wouldn't do a "sweep" as the baby was not as low as they'd like him to be but they'd do the "stretch" part as well as just checking to see if I was dilated at all.
Well, surprise, surprise...I am dilated.
Apparently I had a contraction while they were checking me and Heather said, "Are you feeling this contraction?" and I laughed because I barely felt anything at all!
I was amazed and it was so weird to feel the baby moving while they were "stretching" the cervix.
I still can't believe I'm already 4cm and I feel practically nothing!
So all those mild cramps I've been having over the past few weeks have probably been something as opposed to the "nothing" I thought they were.
We ended the appointment basically saying that all I needed were some strong contractions and/or my water to break and I'd be in full-on labour.
I left feeling excited and with my hopes high that I'd see the baby that day!
I called my Mom and sister to let them know what was happening and that I'd already had a few contractions on the way home. They decided that they'd drive the 40 minutes even if nothing happened and hang out here just in case.
I had mild tightening and contractions randomly for the rest of the day and a bit of a "bloody show" later that evening, but this morning I woke up and no baby.
Needless to say I am disappointed but I can't imagine this baby holding out for too much longer. Who knows, though? I certainly don't, but I wish I did.
I still am amazed at how my body is dealing with being pregnant. Who gets to 4cm and has no idea?!?! Crazy crazy.
Anyway, Noah has been really "off" today and he needs a nap now so off I's hoping we see a baby today! (Specifically the baby that is currently in my belly.)

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