Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Airplane Ride

On Saturday we went to Festival Italiano! with the boys (in the hopes of delicious pasta and Italian delicacies) and while I personally was a bit disappointed with the lack of Italian "stuff" it was still fun to walk around and see the fair.
Noah has recently shown interest in going on rides and while at first he just wanted to look at the planes, he decided he'd like to go on it after watching for awhile. The cost was $2 and Jamie and I each had ONE loonie so we bought the tickets and then I went in with Noah to get him settled.

He picked the red one.

The ride started. {I was just hoping he wouldn't flip out.}
{His first real ride.}
{By. Himself.}


Despite his barely-there smile I knew he was LOVING it.

And if I hadn't picked up on it then, I did when he threw a FULL ON TANTRUM when the ride stopped and Jamie went to get him.

He did NOT want to get off that red airplane.

Jamie and I talked later and decided that the next time he does a ride, we will be forewarning him that the ride WILL end. And he WILL have to get off.

In hindsight it was a good thing that all we had was TWO dollars as if he had had more, we may have caved to the tantrum and let him ride again.

But nope.

And then we went home.

The End.

{And I didn't get any Italian delicacies unless fries and a Smirnoff count.}

{They don't, just in case you were wondering.}


  1. i did NOT know that noah has a mohawk.

    i LOVES it.

  2. Wow yay for Noah's first ride...I actually almost understood your anxiousness as I was reading that. That is a pretty scary first wondering how he will do :) I love the more prominent mohawk, keep it! He's less likely to get one as a teenager ;) haha

  3. You're soooooooo funny! but good for you...forewarned IS forarmed!! very cute pics!

  4. Looks like he had a great time :) Great captures!

  5. I am glad he liked his first ride : ) He is so cute. What a great vehicle.

  6. Fun shots. Thanks for sharing.


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