Monday, July 5, 2010

Canada Day at Riverside Park

On Canada Day we went to Riverside Park here in Guelph to partake in some festivities. Noah really wanted to go in the bouncy castle (shaped like a giraffe) and the bouncy slide. He's shown interest before, but never followed through. So when he willingly (and zestfully) climbed up the slide and said READY, SET, GO! at the top, I felt like we had turned a corner. My little boy is growing up and taking risks. He even went in the bouncy castle on his own.

Now for some people that's not a big deal. Either you don't have kids and you don't get it, or you have kids but they're rambunctious or very outgoing and just dive right into situations - even those that they've never been in before. But Noah is a watcher. He observes from the sidelines. It's not wrong. It's just how he learns and warms up to things. He shies away from people, places or things that are new and unknown to him. So it was really a joy to watch him bound across (okay, so he walked) the bouncy castle and laugh with delight as another kid jumped and landed right at his feet in a pile. I said to Jamie,

I feel as if we've turned a corner with Noah.

And it's not like he's changed. He still shied away from a "high five" from a co-worker who stopped by today. But

he's growing.

The rest of our day was spent at the petting zoo, and wandering around in the beautiful sun, eating delicious Thai food, laughing and running around with "Gramma and Grandpa", "Auntie Bean and Uncle Sam", watching a dog show and dancing to music.

Jude made friends with a couple on a blanket near us as he crawled back and forth between me and close-to-them, smiling and waving and flirting away.

It's been a different experience to have a smiley, friendly baby this second time around. A baby who willingly waves hello and good bye. Who smiles at strangers and can easily be dropped off at the church nursery. I don't doubt his attachment to me, I just know that he has a more easy-going nature and outgoing personality than Noah. Not better, just different. Perhaps it's because I'm more easy going the second time around. I wouldn't doubt it has played a role, but it's so very clear that he just enjoys other people - even those he doesn't know so well.

He is getting to the stage where he recognizes that someone is unknown or less known to him and much prefers those he DOES know and maybe a smile is slower to cross his face, but ...

he still smiles.

I love my boys. I am so thankful and blessed to have them. I wouldn't trade them for anything and I wouldn't trade places with anyone. I am a blessed Mother and Wife and I am (re)learning to bask in the blessings on a daily basis.

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