Monday, July 19, 2010

questions from a child

Last night:

After the water was draining from the bathtub

Noah: Where's the water going?

Me: Down the drain.

Noah: Can I go too?

Me: *laughs* no. Do you know why?

Noah: Cuz I'm too big?

Me: Yep.

This morning eating our waffles at the kitchen table

Noah: What are YOU eating, Mama?

Me: Waffles.

Noah: What's on it?

Me: Peanut butter. (Don't hate. Peanut butter and brown sugar was my favourite growing up. I was reliving my childhood.)

Noah: *pause* Is it delicious?

Me: *laughs* Yes. It IS delicious.


Is YOURS delicious?

Noah: Uh huh. (Mouth full of waffle.)


  1. I LOVE peanutbutter on waffles. With syrup, too!


  2. So cute!

    And also, waffles with peanut butter sounds GOOD! :)

  3. if i could..i'd put peanut butter on EVERYTHING.
    waiiiiiit a minute. I CAN!!!

    and....i do (:

  4. Oh how I wish you had this convo on video...but the way you write it is almost as good :) Your my nephews are awesome! hehe

  5. Is YOURS delicious?


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