Friday, July 9, 2010


Yesterday was tiring, but delightful.

It started later than usual because the boys (gloriously) slept in 'til 8:30. We hustled and bustled and got everything together (except Jude's bunny which I forgot - I can't remember EVERYTHING it seems) and piled into the car to go to Gramma & Grandpa's house. Got there in good time and settled the boys and then I left.

By myself.

I got to spend the good part of the rest of the day with 3 beautiful ladies.

Without kids.

It was nice to have that time to just talk interrupted, eat delicious food and mostly I came away feeling refreshed but also hoping I hadn't talked too much (about my boys) or bored Beth, Nadine or Aban.

Oh and...we ate ice cream.




If you are ever in Toronto and you like ice cream (um, how can you NOT?), you should definitely visit Dutch Dreams. Coolest, most eclectic little ice cream house EVER.

Do you see this ice cream?! It's got whipped cream with strawberries, kiwi fruit, pineapple and melon on top! Amazing. (Even Aban is excited in the background and she doesn't even have hers yet!)
They had the most random things hanging from the ceiling! Parachuting Santa's, Flying carpets with a genie, plastic rocking horses, arabic looking tea pots, stiletto wooden clogs, pictures on the walls of Dutch was truly an eclectic collection (the music was quite eclectic as well playing everything from a remix of Single Ladies by Beyonce to French "pick up tunes" to African sounding music. It was awesome).

Photo credit to Beth.

(Psst...I got Coconut Dream & Banana Wave flavours. So.Good.)

Photo credit to Beth.
It was a good day.
Oh and then Jamie took me out for a surprise dinner date to The Keg.

I think I should have gone to the Y last night after all. I ate a lot of really good food and spent time with a lot of wonderful people (and got to meet Nadine for the first time in person. She is just as lovely in person as she seems on her blog and hopefully she'll forgive me for not taking any pictures of her beautiful face as she is the only one missing from these pictures!).
It's not often I get days like yesterday. But perhaps that is what makes them so much more delightful?


  1. it was a delightful day. you didn't bore me at ALL. obviously.

    love the effects on the photos. i'm going to make the one of me a fb profile pic, okay?

  2. i had SO much fun with you yesterday, vaness. i truly, truly love you.

    no one was bored. everyone had a smashing time (:

  3. I realized after that my "bored" comment sounded incredibly insecure. And perhaps...I was feeling a bit insecure.
    My world these days is so "MOM" and sometimes I feel out of touch with other people's lives - like what they do and think and love outside the world of homemakin' and kid raisin'. And so I think after leaving I got a dose of panic that I had completely bulldozed our girl time with Mom stuff.
    But then I realized (and both of you ladies confirmed) that you love me. And I love you. And we are all interested in each other's lives, regardless of whether we are all Mom's, single, or dating.
    Friendship is cool that way.
    So ... thank you.

  4. I like how Aban looks like one of the toppings on your ice cream in one of the pics

  5. I second (and third) the above comments. Such a lovely day. And it was so great to finally meet you!

    I feel like Bogart: "...this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship."

    Great pics. And even though I'm not in them, I believe you captured my essence in every shot of ice cream :)

  6. That ice cream place and their ice cream both look amazing - how fun! I'm so glad you were able to have some good girl time. Totally deserved. :)

  7. OOooo how have we never seen this place Baness?? It looks uber amazing. Like, so amazing that you'd have an ice cream, walk around for the day and go back for another before you head home! Glad you had a good "Woman Time" hahaa (i just thought of "Hammer Time") day.

  8. must go here when i visit TO next!!!


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