Thursday, July 29, 2010

highlight reel

We've been out west now for over a week.

It's been a mixed can of nuts. Mostly good, but definitely a handful of "bad nut" moments thrown in for good measure. Because as much as you want to pick and choose only the cashews {my fave} you inevitably end up with those boring old peanuts.

But I've enjoyed my time out here so far.

Some highlights have been:

hearing Jude say "uh oh" as he drops toys, cups, rocks...pretty much anything. It's so cute and it usually ends up sound like "Uh euh" - almost like the last sound is a French sound. It's cute.

hearing Jude say "mmmmmmm" when I ask him what a cow says.

watching Jude pull himself up to standing on pretty much any and everything.

seeing both my boys absolutely love the childcare here at the two conferences and Noah especially make new friends, both kids and adults.

sitting and chatting with some dear friends both new and old. singles, marrieds and moms. love them all. hearing what's going on in their lives. sharing what's going on in mine.

drinking lots of delicious coffee. Starbucks coffee. {smile}

absolutely KILLING my goal time for the 5k race I ran on Friday (I did it in 27:23 and my goal was 30 minutes or under!).

playing softball. {i have missed softball.} standing in the outfield with Noah waiting to catch a ball. hitting a ball with Noah {his first at bat}. {the freak-outs he threw when he couldn't come up to bat with me on my turns were NOT a favourite of mine...}

Ultimately I have been left with so much to think through like parenting, my walk with Jesus, marriage, friendship, and how God gives hope, redeems the ugly situations, showers us in mercy, grace, forgiveness, how He directs, guides, prepares and heals.

So's been a really, really good experience for all of us. And me. Which is really...nice.

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  1. I can't wait to see you guys and see in person all these new developments in the boys :) So proud of your run time, you kick butt! :)


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