Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Jude's 11 month letter

Dear Spunky, Sweet Jude,

You, my little man, are 11 months old!

Wow. The things you've started doing this month!

Let's start with the most recent: signing! You've recently started signing "all done" and "more" and while they aren't exactly the right sign, it's enough that I know what you're telling me! It was really cute the first time you did it and even now I know you know what I'm asking from you ("Show Mama "more", Jude.) and sometimes you just refuse to sign. Oh you're so cheeky and you can be quite stubborn when you want to!

You had a month (or more) of amazing naps - long nap in the morning and/or afternoon! But recently you've been having shorter naps and just taking longer to settle down which I think may be due to teething or a cold that Noah passed on to you.

You are crawling like crazy and you are SUPER fast. Today Daddy opened the door into the garage and you crawled so fast and then actually took the dive down the single step. You were fine after a small cry, but we all learned to keep you away from stairs because you are FAST!

But you have no desire to walk. Even if I hold your fingers and pull you to a standing position you just whine and refuse to step forward. I'm not sure if this is cause for concern but for now I'm thinking it's NOT and that you'll take an interest on your own accord.
To be honest, I'm not sad you're not interested in cruising or walking because that's a whole other level of Jude-proofing we'll have to do. Because you are MISCHIEVOUS!

You are constantly going back to DVD player like a moth to a flame. You cannot resist the buttons and the little VCR flap. Oh my boy. Even when I say "No." firmly to you, you'll look up at me and then crack into a huge smile and go right back for it until I physically remove you from temptation.

You and your brother are still happily sharing a room and it's going well. You've both adjusted to each others' noises and sounds and usually sleep through any wake-ups that happen throughout the night.

You are eating pretty much everything we eat and are now drinking 2 sippy cups a day with half formula, half milk. I nurse you in the morning and before bed although this morning you refused the boob! Not sure what was up with that because you happily nursed after your morning nap but even though I know it wasn't anything personal it was hard not to take it personally. I know you are moving every day toward independence and this is a good thing...I guess sometimes when it's such a visible move, it's a bit shocking.

Oh and speaking of eating, you would eat dirt all day long if I let you. You are constantly shoving handfuls of sand, dirt, rocks, grass or any other piece of nature that you can cram into your mouth. And while I'm not opposed to a bit of dirt here and there, it's literally HANDFULS of dirt/sand. Handfuls! I think while we were at the beach you probably ate about 1/2 cup of sand. Yeah, we paid for that the next day.

You are smiley, friendly and make the most adorable facial expressions as you charm everyone who crosses your path. Your older brother is quite protective of you when strangers are talking to you and often says "NO!" or puts his arm in front of you or pulls the stroller umbrella down over your face. It's very cute and as a friend said tonight, "It's good to have a protective older brother."

I love you, my baby. While I'm amazed at how fast these last 11 months have gone by, I'm not sad. I love every day with you more and more and I look forward to the next 11 months, 11 years and beyond!


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  1. I think you're going to have to add pet food to that list of edibles!


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