Tuesday, July 6, 2010

the one where I give a rave review

When I find something that I love, that works amazingly and that I can stand by I tell everyone about it.
I'm not a salesperson by nature, but when I'm passionate, when I really believe in something...well, I kinda don't shut up about it.

(So here goes...)

When Noah was first born we swaddled him. At first we did it because that's what we thought we were supposed to do. But he soon proved to be Houdini Jr. The kid could get out of ANYTHING. He would wriggle his hands out and then slap himself in the face. And then wake himself up. Which would wake me up. And then we'd all be cranky. So we continued to swaddle, but I obviously needed something that would keep him swaddled throughout the entire night.

So when in my desperation for more sleep I went looking online for something to help and I stumbled upon the Miracle Blanket.
Really? MIRACLE??? Isn't that a bit much?

But I decided to go ahead and buy it.

And I didn't regret it. It actually kept Noah swaddled! Which helped him to sleep longer! It was a miracle!
I'm pretty sure I talked about it a lot to every other new parent at the time. And then he got too big for it and he eventually learned to stop slapping his face (this was probably around 4.5 months I think).

Then came Jude. He was much more laid-back than Noah (less face-slappy) but we continued to swaddle until my long guy outgrew the Miracle Blanket and kicked his legs free.

I like the Miracle Blanket because it's soft, it's one piece of material and there aren't any buttons, zippers, velcro or any other potentially dangerous materials that could hurt or irritate a newborn's skin. And it keeps babies swaddled, which is proven to help babies sleep better (think about it, they were all cozy and tight in your belly for 9 months and they did just fine in there!).

If you're a new Mom, I would HIGHLY recommend you check their website with all the details and even a little video of how the blanket works. (And then go buy it. Because seriously? It WORKS.) And right now they even have a 10% off summer sale and if you buy 2 or more, it's 15% off!

*Disclosure: While I was sent a free Miracle Blanket, money or giveaways cannot buy my opinions. I love the Miracle Blanket and would still rave about it had I not received anything. (Psst, my lovely friend and new Mommy, Ashley was the lucky recipient of a beige Miracle Blanket.)


  1. I never used the miracle blanket but I have heard wonderful things about it. Glad it worked for you!

    I'm just laughing at your baby slapping himself. Is that wrong? hee hee... ;-P

  2. Elaine, no. It's not wrong to laugh at him. I'm pretty sure we laughed at him and all his many escapes of the swaddles and sleep sack fiasco's we tried to put him in. :)

  3. Hey Vanessa I didn't know you had a blog! It's great by the way. I have to attest to the Miracle Blanket, it truly is a miracle. My baby boy was a horrible sleeper until I finally broke down and bought one, he went from waking four to five times a night to sleeping straight through the night at only two months old! I used it until he outgrew it!

  4. The miracle blanket really is a miracle!! Seriously, we never used it with Joshua, but we tried it from 1 month until about 3 months with Elijah...and it was like a world of difference for him sleeping at night!


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