Saturday, January 22, 2011


today i cleaned my floors.
i need to do that more often.

what did you do today?


  1. Oh shiny!! can you do mine too?? it's on my to do list today...but I delayed nice tho'!

  2. I love gleaming floors. Doesn't happen here very often...I get so frustrated when I wash the floor and within hours it's sticky and dirty again.
    Today I went to Chapters with the girls to spend birthday money that they had. Old Navy for a bathing suit for Ali. Had a deliciously long nap. Hosted dinner with my sister and BIL and nephew.
    Now just finishing up with dishes and then on to Day 3 of 30-day Shred.
    Then Grey's Anatomy and laundry folding.

  3. Melissa - that sounds LOVELY.
    And I hear ya on the frustration of clean floors getting dirty far too quickly.

  4. Nice. I have no excuse (aka no kids) to have dirty floors. However with our kitchen tiles you can't tell the difference so why bother? haha!
    I went and saw the Kings Speech (awesome) and had Swiss Chalet and icecream with friends at our place :) Fab saturday!

  5. Shereen - I need to get me some tiles like that. :) I have a feeling our old kitchen was like that - I didn't have to clean them NEARLY as much as I do with these!


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