Monday, January 10, 2011

Potty Training Game plan

Potty training deets:

First three days:
1. movie watching in the kitchen {to help him stay put in a non-carpeted area}
2. lots of juice - he's a guzzler and loves juice so this isn't hard. {to stimulate lots of pee "feelings" to help him get used to going on the potty}
3. treats! every time he goes on the potty he gets to pick one treat - either an M&M or a jelly bean {to further motivate and reward going on the potty}
4. underpants, not pull ups {to help him feel the wetness - kids know pull ups are diapers.} and no pants {to make it easy to whip the underpants down at the slightest inclination of having to pee}

I'm not into the whole "train your kid in 3 days" but I am doing the first three days a bit more intentionally so as to kick start the whole process and help Noah to have lots of practice feeling the urge to pee and actually going.

I do have pull ups for long car trips and I think I'll try using them for overnights (although Noah is a heavy wetter/pooper at night} in the hopes that he'll learn to pee mostly during the days.

Essentially after the first few days he'll have a better idea of what he's supposed to do and then we'll hopefully just go out and about like we normally do and hope for the best. I fully anticipate accidents and set backs, but at this point I've set my mind on potty training and so we're moving forward and hoping for the best.

I'm totally open for advice and ideas if you've got any!


  1. we use pull-ups at night still. they don't hold much though. we had to wean Zoe from drinking fluids about a 45 min before bedtime, otherwise she wakes up soaked in the morning.

  2. the potty training game goes differently for everyone... and i applaud you for waiting until you felt Noah was ready and not feeling pressured to have him trained before he was two!

    you have a great game plan... one thing i found was that the treats quickly lost their appeal so i had to keep upping the ante. we started with a sticker chart which worked well for about 4 days... and then we progressed to other treats...

    we were not as fortunate as others who have their kids trained within a week... took about a month, so patience and frustration tolerance was of the essence! oddly enough, Chase has never had a night time accident (so weird!)... however, well over a year later we still have virtually daily incidents because he's so engaged with playing he doesn't go to the bathroom on time -- it's still quite frustrating.

    you're a star!! all the best!

  3. I remember the frustrations. we did diaper for sleep - because of the amount of pee elijah would do at night. and found once we stopped pull ups and switched to underpants he got the idea better. He totally knew pullups were diapers - he called them his diapers.
    it took us forever - or we felt it was that long. but then one day i realized that i hadn't had to clean a mess or he had worn the same underwear all day.
    be patient - that was my biggest frustration - i wanted him to learn immediately. but stubborness needs to be matched with stubborness.
    Noah will accomplish the goal -
    we did a sticer and a jujube (green, his fave). 2 if it was poo in the potty. He did better on the actual toilet than a potty too.
    anyway, all the best. looking forward to the day you announce - NO MESSES!! He did it!!

  4. It's great that you're starting in the kitchen...less mess, means less stress! After potting training 6 kids (2 not mine) the common sense stuff works! use the real toilet whenever possible(I had an insert so you guys didn't slip bum first into it :) but soon, that was gone too! and yes, take away the night cup...a sip will do after brushing teeth!
    You go girl...and Noah (who knows, even Jude may decide he wants in on it for a 'thnak')!!


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