Monday, January 24, 2011

sixty feet

today i watched this video:

Nathalie from Sixty Feet on Vimeo.

then i posted this on facebook:

i lay in bed thinking about these children, this country and what my role in it all was.
i think the thing that got me was that this week, the image of that child laying on that woman's bosom was a distorted image of what i experienced with jude. 
he's been sick since wednesday and i've spent large amounts of each day with him. nestled into me. 
the reason that image is distorted is because in my life, that child {my jude} is clothed. he has been given love every day of his life. despite fighting the flu, he is healthy and has access to plenty of food. and medicine. and clean water. he is free from spiritual oppression and has a loving mama and daddy who pray for him every day. 
and that is the reason i wept when i saw that little baby girl. lying there. staring with empty eyes and a scarred body. 

i've been thinking and praying {a lot} about what God has for me in uganda. 
{thinking and not sleeping}
why now? how do my passions and burdens and desires play into our journey to this beautiful and hurting country? 
how can i best be used? 

{please use me...}

there is more to come in this story. i just don't know it yet.

Please check out Sixty Feet, read their story, watch the videos, pray, give, go

will you do something {anything} with me?

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