Monday, January 3, 2011

midnight play date

i switched noah's bed around so the head board is against the wall. i like it better this way.

jude woke up at around midnight last night, crying softly.
i was just getting ready for bed {because i have yet to make it to bed before midnight this year} so i went in and almost fell over from the stench that hit me as i walked in the door.

now which boy to check?

i guessed it was jude since he was quietly crying. i picked him up - he was burning up - and smelled him. bingo!

so i lay him down to change him and he was happy enough, talking quietly and pointing to a toy train that he saw.
after i gave him some tylenol for his fever and put him back in his crib.
i settled noah and then left and went to bed.
i lay in bed and could hear jude talking away:

mama! yeah! dada! ah! *giggles* 

noah was quietly talking {i later heard him saying he wanted a kleenex so i had to go back in} and i thought, 

what is this? a play date in the middle of the night? 

but it was so sweet to hear them happily talking to each other instead of wailing away. 

it's official. we are one sick household. but at least the boys are in good spirits. so far jamie and i have escaped it, so we're loading up on liquids and vitamins in the meantime.

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  1. sorry to hear they're sick, but it's so nice to read this.
    hope they're feeling better soon.


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