Wednesday, January 26, 2011

passive aggressive

I'm not sure where he got it from, but lately this is how Noah's been talking:

Mom...? I want to w-w-w-w-w-w-w-wa-wa-wa-wa-...

You want to wa-? (full well knowing what he's trying to say)

I want to w-w-w-wa-wa-wa-watch - tee-tee-tee-teevee!


Often I'll just get frustrated and say something like,

Noah, speak to me normally. Just tell me what you'd like.

And usually it has to do with watching tv. Because he loves watching tv. He pretty much always has. So I really work on not letting him watch too much tv simply because he is so inclined toward sitting and watching (if he had his way).
But anyway, I have no idea where he got this passive aggressive form of asking for things from, but for some reason it seems familiar to me. I seem to recall my friend talking about teaching her daughter to ask directly for what she wanted instead of saying,
"I'm hungry" or "I'm soooo thirsty." or just plain hovering around waiting for someone to ask her what she wanted.

So we're working on it. That and so many other things right now.

Three is tough.


  1. All true, but most 2 yr olds don't really know what they want, so saying they're thirsty means you chose what they drink! too many choices for kids these days...too much power for those unformed minds!...I know, I fly in the face of all that's out there...and look how you turned out :):)

  2. Set up a TV budget sticker chart for him, that way he can see how much time he has left for the week and you can just say' Do you have any more watching time left?'

  3. Ooo I know your dad posted his comment a few days ago, but I really like that idea! I SHOULD know if 3years old is an appropriate age for children to use this method, but it sounds fab to me. That way he gets to be in control and its a tangible way for him either see the reward or see the reason why he can't have the reward. Good one Andy!


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