Wednesday, January 12, 2011

underpants! v. 2.0

Potty training is going really, really well. He was pretty much trained yesterday. This is day 3 and he initiates on his own, pulls down and up his underpants and his pants {although he's been going jogging pants styles even though I'm partial to my kids in jeans...but whatever makes potty training easier, right?}, he woke up this morning and had "saved" his pee for the potty instead of filling his diaper {this is huge!} and he did a poop in the potty today {yesterday I tweeted this:}

...which as you can see is a vast improvement on where yesterday's poop ended up.
We've gone to Starbucks, grocery shopping, outside to play in the snow and I think because I just prepare myself for accidents, I'm pleasantly surprised at his ability to hold his pee and his ability to let me know when he needs to go before it's dripping down his leg.
This morning as I had just turned on the car {both boys strapped into their car seats} to take Jamie to work, Noah said, "I have to pee!" so out he came and I took him in to pee. A bit of a setback on a normal day, but for us in the midst of potty training - this is huge!
He was very ready for this, I just needed to make the first move. 

So proud of my big guy. get him to pee in a toilet. Any thoughts? Advice? {He is adamant about only going on his "potty chair".}


  1. I got tired of cleaning the potty so we bought a seat that fits on the toilet and a step stool for him to get up on his own. The transition was surprisingly easy for us :)

    -Christine Gowler

  2. Christine we've got one of each of those - a seat for the toilet AND a step stool.
    He wants none of it.
    I threw some Cheerios into the toilet and told him to aim for the Cheerios with his pee.
    I also said he'd get TWO treats for peeing in the toilet (right now he gets a jellybean or an M&M if he goes pee and 2 if he goes poo). But nothin' doin'.

  3. I guess you'll have to wait for it! 3 days in, is amazing, even if he is 3!! (I love the cheerios in pot idea for aiming!!)

  4. That's awesome! You know I think waiting til he was a little older was a great idea and probably saved you A LOT of accidents! :)
    Don't worry he won't use his potty forever...I can't imagine it'd be too "cool" to bring your potty to high school haha!

  5. Vanessa! You're so creative! Aiming for the cheerios in the toilet. Brilliant even if it's not working... yet.

  6. Elijah would go pee in the toilet by sitting on it - he was more comfortable on it. then we worked at him standing at the toilet. now he does whichever he wants to do.

    awesome job at the potty training by the way.

  7. We never used a potty chair, always just a small seat that goes inside the big toilet seat. Maybe just make it dissapear? I don't know how he'd handle that tho...

  8. @Elaine - yeah, baby steps I figured. But I guess it's only week one - not even one week and I don't have to remind him to go or anything - and no accidents today!
    I was thinking about making it disappear as well. Perhaps I might lead up to it...we'll see.
    I've also cut out "treats" for pee and pee on the potty chair - I've told him he only gets "treats" if he goes on the toilet. So far, nothin' doin'. But eventually.


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