Sunday, January 16, 2011

jude reads

One of the many ways that Jude is so very different from his big brother is that he usually doesn't have any interest in books. I've tried to read to him every night but it usually ends up in him squirming on my lap and violently shutting the book.
Until this week.
Last year a friend gave us a bag of some toys her kids have grown out of and in this bag were some books. I sorted through and kept this one book by Mercer Mayer called "Where is Kitty?" - a lift-the-flap book. I don't remember which boy found it on our book shelf, but this week Jude stumbled upon this book and it was magic.

He LOVES this book and I'm thrilled {me being a self-professed book-worm}.
This is a video I caught this morning of my interactions with Jude and this book - enjoy the absolute CUTENESS of it:

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