Tuesday, January 11, 2011


So potty training is going well. Noah initiates on his own and when he tells me he's usually got enough control to hold it until he's on the potty.
We attempted an outing to Starbucks this morning and he did great! Didn't have to pee, but guzzled a whole glass of "Starbucks water" {aka tap water in a Starbucks cup.} and had an accident once we got home but managed to get to the potty somewhat in time and then peed again 10 minutes later in the potty.

Anyway, it's going well. I'm thinking he could have been potty trained months ago, but I'm glad we waited until now. I'm ready {and determined} but more importantly he is ready.

It's amazing the things you are proud of when you're a parent.


  1. Love this photo haha how discrete you are and oh so cleverly creative in your photography skills. I love it.

  2. congratulations. I know what a wonderfully accomplished feeling it was the first time we toilet trained one of our daughhters....then you wonder why you waited so long, right?
    Yay for one less child in diapers!!

  3. This is wonderful! My oldest took MONTHS to potty train, which means we probably did it all wrong. Or he wasn't ready. Either one. My second child is 20 months and we just broke out the potty chair. No training yet though. Just so she knows it's there and can start to get interested in it. Good luck to you and Noah!


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