Sunday, January 30, 2011

winter hike

sometimes i have these grand ideas in my head. 
like today i wanted to go on a "family hike" down this path.
i knew it would be all wintery wonderful and we could bring the sled and get all bundled up.
seconds in, noah refused to walk and wanted to sit in the one-child sled. 
then he wanted to walk.
then jude didn't want to ride in the sled. {he's not so much into the cold weather - he just gets kinda miserable.}
and then noah didn't want to leave.
and i felt


but then we worked it out. 
noah and i kept hiking and exploring our winter wonderland and jamie and jude went back to fill up the car with gas and get a {much needed} car wash.

sometimes life isn't what you hope for, but it's definitely what you make of it.
i just need to remember that more often.


  1. aw. what a good reminder. this happens to me a lot and i don't even have kids haha! Good attitude ness. Love his hat ;)

  2. Vanessa, you're the real deal!

  3. Wow a good word from Vaness! Today is another lovely day for a walk! :)

  4. Suz - today is like -21!!! You are crazy. That is all. :)

  5. I went for a walk with Tanya and the kiddies. Jacob was super bundled and we had to stop in at the LCBO to get warmed up on our walk to Starbucks. Yes, un peu crazy je pense. But it was just so sunny!! :)


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