Sunday, February 27, 2011


yesterday my lovely friend beth tweeted saying that she had picked up a small gift for me, "just because". 
i love "just because" gifts. those tend to be the most thoughtful, special gifts.
anyway, she dropped it off today and i almost died from the cuteness.
it's a little owl.
and it's heavy! it's made out of iron or something. it feels wonderful in my hand.
this little guy is coming to uganda with us for sure.
i think i might name him hedwig.

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  1. hooray!

    i really wish i hadn't had to drop-and-run today. (sigh) but i am GLAD you love it and that it'll go to uganda. that was my BIG DREAM.

    (also, i bought 2 of them, not knowing why, and on the way to suz's, jfarq made a comment on the "owl theme" of her journals/life right now, and i pulled the other out of my pocket and plunked it in her hand (wrapped in tissue) and she was like, "um, i hope this is an owl" and it WAS and i think she named it molly and i feel SO HAPPY at the great success of this story.)



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