Monday, February 21, 2011

family day

today was family day. 
jamie got the boys up and i got to sleep an extra hour and a half this morning.
it was glorious.
the boys watched old looney toon cartoons that we borrowed from the library this morning and then our friend eric called us and suggested a humphrey/strickland hang out today.
done and done!
went met for a winter walk and turned back a little too late as jude melted down for the last third of it.
{i used my beco for the first third!}

we went out for lunch at montana's cookhouse and the kids did relatively well {did i mention that the boys went to bed 2.5 hours after their usual bedtime last night?} and then we went back to the humphrey's house and hung out until just before dinner.
the kids played well together {and we got a foretaste of the boys being able to play better together in about a years time - their two kids are exactly one year old than each of ours} and we {the adults} got some time to talk and hang out and catch up.
we came home for dinner and watched some more looney toons while we ate {a treat to watch tv and eat dinner!} and now the boys are in bed and i'm pretty tired.
jamie and i will likely watch the first episodes of this season's survivor and the amazing race.
and then to bed.
all in all, a lovely family day was had.

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  1. Happy Family Day!

    Jude is so cute in that snow suit!

    We got some good indoor family time here as the weather was miserable here today.


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