Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Dear man at the YMCA,

You are by far, the strangest person I have ever seen at the Y.
You were walking on the treadmill.
Wearing an outdoor fall-type jacket and jeans.
With your hands in your pockets. 
Um, I'm pretty sure that's not even safe to do while walking outside, much less on a treadmill.

Still really curious (and mildly concerned),

*this idea was taken from my friend Beth who devotes an entire blog to letters to strangers. You should check it out.


  1. L O L

    [i hardly ever type that.]

  2. a. you are a blogging FIEND today.
    b. thanks for the shout out!! it makes me exceedingly happy anytime i see someone that i KNOW reads my blog write a little letter.

  3. Beth - I know. And I even post-dated one because I didn't want to make the blogosphere explode or anything.

    And there are definitely MORE letters to come from me. :) If I can just remember them by the time I get home. :D


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