Tuesday, February 8, 2011

freshly baked

whole wheat cookies with dark chocolate chunks and toffee bits.

i've come to realize that sweets and baking will always be a part of my life. 
it brings me joy to bake it and it brings me joy to give it away and bless others with it. {and eat it, too.}
a life of measuring out proteins and carbs will never bring me joy, nor will it be sustainable for me.
i am a curvy lady.
and i'm learning to love myself.
i'm also learning to be a food snob. 
only eat what i love. 
use moderation.
love who i am.
stop comparing myself.


  1. i loved sitting across from you & whizzing around with you in Guelph yesterday. JOY!

    i love you vanessa.

  2. you know what's funny? I always thought you just never compared because you're that great! For serious! :)

    mmm those were good!
    Aban were you in the car??

  3. Girl, curvy women are where it's at! I have always been that way, but only now have I been able to love the curves that give us women that soft feminine touch.

    Oh, and I hope those cookies were made with that new mixer!!!



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