Monday, February 14, 2011


last night i made marshmallows. homemade marshmallows! i feel like i got a years worth of use out of my kitchenaid just from last night! it was whipping those bad boys up on high speed for 15 minutes! oh yes, i put my tangerine beauty to work.

but anyway.

they needed to sit overnight so i set my alarm so that i'd wake up before the boys. now usually they aren't up until sometime after 7:30. but who did i hear shortly after 6:30? jude. and then noah around 7. they were happy enough in their room so i let them be so i could quickly set up the table, cut out heart and star shaped marshmallows and put in the first batch of their favourite muffins - banana chocolate chip.

then i went upstairs and we did the whole routine (diaper changes, getting dressed, etc.) and i gave them their little baggy with a heart-shaped marshmallow.
noah was thrilled and quickly gobbled it up proclaiming, "they're sweet, mommy!"
oh yes. yes they are. in fact, they are pure sugar. and you are eating this gigantic heart-shaped marshmallow at 7:20 in the morning. right.

i brought them downstairs and noah quickly gobbled up the other heart and star marshmallows, ate all the little heart sprinkles out of his cereal, slurped down his smoothie (thank God for the nutrition he got from that smoothie) and declared that he was full and done his breakfast. okay then.

jude was pretty happy with the muffin but wouldn't touch the gooey marshmallow.

it was a good morning. we avoided tv. i packed an overnight bag and then we dropped jamie off at work. we quickly played "valentine elf" and dropped off some goodies at a few peoples homes

and then zipped off to toronto where i left the boys with my parents until tomorrow evening (so i can get some uninterrupted packing/sorting and also have a little date tonight!).

later on in the afternoon i set to work on our at-home dinner:
twice-baked potatoes
steak marinated in chipotle sauce
spinach salad with pecans and strawberries
with (as you know already)
white russian cupcakes for dessert. yum!

then we had a delicious, wonderful, cozy dinner together and talked (uninterrupted) and ate (uninterrupted) and enjoyed ourselves.

we had free coupons to the movies (thank you cereal boxes!) so we went to see the green hornet (not what i was expecting, but i definitely laughed out loud. so we were both happy).

it was a lovely day.
oh and here's my mantel. i decided not to add a bunting or anything. mainly because i was lazy and had a billion other projects i wanted to do.
so i added jude.

hope your day was filled with smiles. and love. and sweets.


  1. Ok, Jude on the mantel is too cute! And I need to know how you made those homemade marshmallows. My boys would love that for a special treat! :)

    Sounds like a wonderful Valentine's!

  2. Elaine - just click on the link where i wrote "I made marshmallows". I pretty much followed this recipe (our best bites) exactly. just make sure you have a really good layer of the cornstarch/icing sugar mixture on the bottom of your pan. i had to scrape mine out because the middle stuck to the pan. :( but they were still delish! :)

  3. What a FABULOUS sounding day! Those kids are heckuva lucky to have such an involved and interested mom! Sheesh V, you do set the bar quite high though...homemade valentine heart marshmallows? *sigh* Martha Stewart, Betty Crocker and the Stepford Wives had better watch out! I just keep thinking that if I too purchase a KitchenAid mixer I'll have the same experience! Oh and while I love bunting, Noah on the mantel is priceless!

  4. Oh Tam, you flatter me. I enjoy it all, though! It's my job and being creative helps me to really love my job. :)
    Oh and it's actually Jude on the mantel. :) (He's huge, eh?)


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