Thursday, February 17, 2011

the eyes have it

green and blue. 
both handsome.
and although i'm constantly told how much of a "mini jamie" jude is, all i see when i look at him is jude.


  1. GREAT photo! You should frame this one for sure! :)

  2. didn't know Jude had green eyes!! Extremely rare so young. I had blue eyes until grade 9, then they turned green! The same ever since...

  3. I want to kiss Judes little cheeks to death! he is sooo cute!

  4. Jude is such a cutie! He reminds me of my little (or not so little) Liam, probably because they are so close in age!

  5. Hey Vanessa, my name is Alaina. I kinda love reading birth stories and I found your site when you linked it in a comment on my friend, Allison O's, blog. Anyway, I found it really courageous and interesting that you had a home birth for your first child. I don't know anyone who's had a home birth, actually, so I don't know much about it. If you've got a moment I'd love to hear how you made that decision and what your previous knowledge or exposure was to home birth. thanks!

  6. Hey Alaina,
    Thanks! I'd love to email you if you want to email or you can email me at vmstrickland at gmail dot com and I can fill you in how I came to my "home birthing decision". :)
    Thanks for stopping by the blog and commenting! :)


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