Monday, February 28, 2011


i watched my friend's daughter this morning as she took her 6 week old (?) to the doctor.
calli is such a sweetie. 
at one point in the morning both noah and jude were reaching for the basket full of crafts.
i was not feeling so great so i told them that it was not craft time, just play time.
both greatly disliked this answer (as you can well imagine).
and then calli went over to the basket and started reaching for it, looking at me.
i said, "no calli. we're not going to do crafts right now."
she said, "okay." and walked away.
i thought in my head how absolutely delightful that exchange was.
i'm not sure if it's her age or her gender or probably the fact that she's got some great parents but yeah - i miss those days of happy obedience.
oh well.

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  1. She's adorable! She kinds reminds me of my K! :-) So glad she was agreeable too.


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