Saturday, February 12, 2011


today i: 
ran 6 miles.
enjoyed a free lunch at the chalet with family.
made lemon buttercream.
decorated a ridiculously adorable 1 year old birthday cake.
took tons of pictures of this fierce 1 year old. 
love her. 
happy birthday, naomi!

"this town ain't big enough for the two of us."


  1. WOW! Perfect day!
    1- How did you get a free lunch?
    2- Did Jen love the cake?
    3- when can we see a pic of said cake?

  2. 1. It was paid for by Jamie's "Nana". :)
    2. YES! (probably a little too much. Sorry Jen.)
    3. Workin' on a post as I type. Well, I mean I'll go back to working on it after I post this comment. :)

  3. I just read this post! LOL... yes loved the cake sooooo much!!!! I miss you. I saw all your photos.... love!!! You are an amazing photographer!! Your Africa photos
    are gonna be out of this world!!


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