Friday, February 18, 2011

we love books

noah has always been fascinated by books (and television, but that's for another day).
in general, he's a very visual learner. 
he watches things and people in a new situation before jumping right in.
he loves pictures and looking at them and he's always enjoyed having a book read to him (i started when he was 3 months old as part of our bedtime routine).
i have been a book worm and a lover of books for as long as i can remember (dating back to senior kindergarten!).
i devour books at a ridiculous pace and then i'm sad when they're done (if they've been a good book/series - i am currently halfway through the last book of the harry potter series).
and so i must give praise to the library system in guelph.
there is a kid-friendly play area in every single branch of the guelph library.
you get email reminders when your books are due back.
you can request things online and then get an email when they are ready to be picked up.
and um, you can spend the hours between nap and dinner there. 
and then walk home super hungry.
not that that happened to me today or anything...

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  1. Oh to have a library like that! The nearest library to me is an hours drive (one way). I too love books, and I tend to devour the good ones only to wish they went on and on and on!


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