Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday Morning

This morning we all piled into the car and went to the optometrist for Noah and Jude's eye appointments.
I had been prepping Noah for the last couple days about what would happen in the hopes that he wouldn't do his usual grumpy face, refusal to talk and occasional shouting or frustrated screaming.
And it went really well. Both boys loved the waiting room with the toys and little chairs.
Then Noah wanted to sit on the "special chair" and he let me cover his eye (I had prepped him for that) while he told the doctor what the shapes were (he did really well!).
He really liked the projector images in the dark and his eyes seem to be doing well. 
Jude did pretty good too although he didn't like the light being shone in his eyes after a little while (I completely understand) and both boys were highly entertaining and polite (mostly) to the doctor and the receptionists.

**I just remembered this and had to add it: So at the end of the appointment, Noah got to pick something out of the "prize box" and he picked a bouncy ball. He then proceeded it to whip it across the waiting room and it went over the counter and down the well-endowed receptionist's top. I looked at Jamie and could tell he wanted to laugh SO HARD but was working really hard at moving on and not focusing on it. Seconds after we got out the door guess what the first thing was he brought up and started hysterically laughing about? Uh huh. Ball down the top. Classic.

My appointment was a bit later on so I dropped Jude and Jamie off at home and Noah and I went back for my appointment. Noah didn't handle that as well as the first one, but it was close to lunch and I had just let him eat an entire package of fuzzy peaches (what? you don't bribe your kids? psh.) so we worked with it.
And the doctor was very understanding and friendly and a Christian as well, I discovered. So that was a nice surprise. 
It was a good Friday morning. Now if I could only get to the gym. And stop eating cookie dough.


  1. BAH HA I laughed so hard, so glad you added in that side story! I can see Jamie now! hahaha!

  2. oh man, the classic "ball down the top". awesome :)

  3. Do I dare ask if he got the ball back?

  4. To the receptionist's credit, she laughed and found the ball on the ground and happily handed it back to Noah.


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