Friday, February 25, 2011

here's hoping

We have never given Noah permission to leave his room after we've put him down for a nap/bedtime.
He knows that he's to call for us to come get him and to wait on his bed.

But tonight.

In an effort to help him keep his diaper/pull-up dry in the morning (it seems he likes to poop and pee in it and then call for us in the morning) I've told him that he can get up in the morning to do his bidness on the toilet instead of calling for us. I've told him this before, but tonight I really went at it saying that if he felt he needed to poo or pee he can just get up by himself and go to the bathroom without calling for us.
Not 5 minutes after tucking him into his bed I hear the patter of feet and the door open

*yelled whisper* MOM! I have to pee!

Me: *sigh* Okay. Go! Go!

I go upstairs to oversee said "pee" and further explain that he just needs to go back to bed once he's gone pee/poo. So I watch him run back to his bed, blow him a kiss and shut the door.
and hope I haven't created a monster.

or that tomorrow's wake up time is no earlier than usual.


*edited the next day:
Last night before bed I went in to check on Noah and Jude in their room and I saw this:
Aw, my little man asleep on the floor. I'm not sure when he got out of bed or why, but I have seen him half falling out of his bed in his sleep, so who really knows how this happened. I motioned to Jamie to come and look at where Noah was and we had to stifle our laughter because it was so cute! I ran downstairs to get my camera so we could snap a pic. Afterward I moved him back into his bed where he resumed exactly the same  position.

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  1. That picture is one of the cutest I've ever seen. He is so cute sleeping in that position, and he seems to be very comfortable.:-) Such a funny and sweet photo.:-)


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