Saturday, February 19, 2011


today i suggested noah do some painting because i didn't have any wrapping paper that i liked.
so we/he made some.
it's drying (still?).
today's painting session was surprisingly less messy than last times'. 
i think the key is not to add too much water to the paint.
it gets too drippy if you do.


  1. what a fun activity/bonne idée!

  2. thanks! I actually bought finger paints today - yikes!
    only because that's something jude can do, too. but I'll have to cordon off the rest of the house if that's what's going to happen. :p

  3. Me and my sister used to spend hours at the kitchen table painting pictures! Great memories! Letting our kids express themselves through crafts and art is so important - thanks for sharing!


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