Saturday, March 26, 2011

and life goes on.

we went to a wedding in oshawa.
my childhood best friend's wedding.
i remarked to my mom that it's interesting how people grow apart. 
we were tight when we were little.
now i barely know her.
it's okay. that's life. 
and i don't know how much different either of us would have been had we not been in each other's lives. 
but i'm thankful for the years of friendship we shared together.

and life goes on.

(and i didn't have to buy a new dress or shoes - i opted for a new belt and i worked it, people.)


  1. so true... I'm feeling that right now in many relationships. Moving away, different stages of life, and just general changing as we age... it's good to be reminded just now that it isn't criminal always... sometimes it's just life :)

    and your hair looks so nice and long!

  2. Thanks, Em.
    Yeah, we had drifted apart many, many years ago so there was no real sadness or bitter sweetness about it all, but it was still nice to be invited.
    I remember learning this lesson and really struggling through it several years ago with another friend. It was hard, but it did teach me that as you say, It's not criminal. It's life. And not all (or most) friendships are for life. Most are for seasons.
    So I cherish them as they come!
    I can imagine for you the stage you're in must be quite the transition. And with 2 your world will be full-fledged Mommy! :)


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