Sunday, March 20, 2011


last night and this morning we were in toronto, speaking at the church i grew up in; sharing about what's been happening in this last year and where we're headed next. 
it was a bit nerve-wracking (public speaking always gives me the jitters), but by the third service i felt a lot more confident and was able to really feel excited about what we were sharing.
some of these people have been praying for me since i was born! 
afterward, as we caught up with old friends and introduced ourselves to others, i said something to a friend;

i think i'm just starting to get a little nervous about everything. but ultimately i have never felt so sure or at peace of where God wanted me to be as i feel about us moving to uganda. 


i'll be clinging to that in the hard times, i'm sure.

there will be hard times. guaranteed. 
but i know this is where God wants us;
where He wants me
it's not the typical direction most people head in with two small children.
but i'm so excited to be taking these steps in the direction He's called us to.


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