Friday, March 25, 2011

I want time to slow down....sorta

Noah's pants are too short. Most of them, anyway.
They're at that awkward stage where if I saw another kid with the same length pants on, I'd probably cringe and think, "Oh how geeky. Get some new pants for the kid, already!"
He's too big for size 3's (mostly) and too small for size 4's.

How'd he get so big, anyway?

He's got an appetite these days that could break the bank and endless questions and comments about everything and anything.

Yesterday as he was finishing his lunch and trying to get the last bit of food stuck to the side of his bowl he said,

Oh. It's on the wall. The bowl wall.

God, I love this kid.

And he still needs an afternoon nap.
Oh he can get through the whole day without one but come 4pm and he can snap and melt into a teary mess if he's angry enough or doesn't get his way.
Tonight as Jamie left at 6pm to get onto campus for dinner and the weekly meeting Noah wailed and cried for a good 20-30 minutes saying,

I need Daddy! I need Daddy!

over and over again.
Jude and I cleaned up their room and then Jude had a bath. By the time Jude was done his bath (and ready to wear his dragon house "coke" (coat)) Noah had calmed down and was ready for his bath but got all riled up again when I told him I had to wash his hair.

Oh my boy. I love you so much.
You are worth every single second of the hard times.

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