Thursday, March 17, 2011


happy st. patrick's day!
i often stumble upon crafty, wonderful, yummy or exciting ideas online and want to follow through on them.
so this year i decided to do a st. patty's day party/play date with some moms from my church.
we had all-green fruits and veggies.
home made potato tots (like tater tots, but healthier. gotta have potatoes on st. patty's day!).
green and yellow veggie tortilla chips with hummus.
ham & cheese muffins.
zucchini muffins.
peanut butter and jam muffins/cupcakes.
jen brought some amazing green cake pops.
and jude LOVED eating his allocated two "pops" later on. he savours his "pops". 
little licks.
bobbing it in and out of his mouth until it falls apart.
such a silly boy and completely giddy to be eating "pop" after dinner tonight.

oh and the party was a blast. so many kids and so much fun! we crafted, chatted, ate food and watched this with the kids.

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